Justmake ICO Delayed. New Launch Date Will Be Announced Sept. 2017

The Justmake Foundation has decided to delay the ICO in order to make necessary regulatory adjustments to its ICO platform, as well as launch the Justmake Wallet for Web, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The Justmake Foundation has decided to delay the start of the Justmake ICO at www.justmake.org and reschedule it for later this month. The new launch date will be announced September 2017. The Justmake Foundation will be making necessary regulatory adjustments to its ICO platform concerning the most recent developments in the ICO regulatory landscape.

The Justmake Foundation will also be launching the Justmake Wallet in September 2017. The Justmake Wallet will be the central part of the Justmake Ecosystem and will allow for user-friendly peer-to-peer, peer-to-business, and business-to-business transactions via the Justmake ERC20 Token. The Justmake Wallet will be available on the following platforms: Web, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The Justmake Foundation will be releasing more details about the wallet at www.justmake.org.

Justmake Ecosystem

The Justmake Core consists of the Justmake Wallet, Personal Accounts (Public/Private), and Business Accounts. All parties within the Justmake Ecosystem will be able to collaborate via the Justmake ERC20 Token. This will allow for person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business transactions.

The Justmake Ecosystem has the potential to revolutionize the way people and businesses interact with each other and provide a seamless experience between all parties. With the use of distributed blockchain technology and the expertise of our team we can assist in bringing these technologies to reality.

Justmake Foundation

The Justmake Foundation is an organization setup to steer the Justmake Ecosystem and oversee the development of the Justmake Platforms, Products, and Services. The Justmake Foundation will also be providing guidance on the management of the Justmake ERC20 Token.

We have brought together a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, and business professionals to assist in the design, development, and advisory of the Justmake Ecosystem.

We are extremely excited to continue the development of the Justmake Ecosystem and create the vision of a new ecosystem built on the foundation of distributive blockchain technologies.

Source: Justmake Foundation